As well as my own books I’ve contributed to several others:

Video Games Around the World, edited by Mark Wolf (out 2014)

I wrote the chapter on the United Kingdom for this forthcoming MIT Press book about video game history and culture around the world.

Routledge Companion to British Media History, edited by Martin Conboy and John Steel (out 2014)

I have written the chapter ‘Video Games and Gaming – The Audience Fights Back’ for this forthcoming Routledge book.

Generation Xbox: How Video Games Invaded Hollywood by Jamie Russell (2012)

41wQ+1GM-0L._AA160_I edited Jamie Russell’s fabulous history of the fraught relationship between the video game and movie industries.

In the book, Russell digs into the love-hate relationship between games and cinema to tell a story of disaster, triumph and Angelia Jolie in hot pants. You’ll learn how Steven Spielberg’s game-making dreams fell apart and why Silicon Valley pioneers wooed Stanley Kubrick. You’ll discover the story behind the failed Halo movie, how videogame tech paved the way for Avatar, and what companies like Ubisoft and Valve are doing to take gaming to the next level.

Drawing Basics and Video Game Art by Chris Solarski (2012)

9780823098477I wrote the foreword to Chris Solarski’s insightful guide to how game art is informed and can learn from classical art.

Within it Solarski demonstrates how video games allow players to experience visual art in a new way.

It also shows how games like BioShock, Journey, Fable and Portal 2 were created using the same theories of depth, composition, movement and artistic anatomy as the masters of classical art.