Published in 2010, Replay has repeatedly been called the most comprehensive history of video games to date.

Based on more than 140 interviews and extensive research, Replay charts the history of video games from their origins in the 1940s and 1950s through to their present day position as one of the most popular and innovative art forms around.

It also features a foreword written by Richard Garriott, the creator of the Ultima series of role-playing games, and an extensive gameography highlighting the best and most important games ever made.

Forlaget Herreværelset published the Danish language edition, Replay – Computerspillenes Historie 1945-2010, in 2012.

A Russian language edition is due to be published in 2014 through White Label Publishing.

Edited excerpts

The first gaming computer (Wired)
Clive Sinclair and British surrealist games (Wired)
The French Touch (Wired)
Mortal Kombat vs The Senate (Gamasutra)

The thinking behind Replay

My article for Kotaku on my approach to video game history

An interview with me about Replay, published in the Indian newspaper Mint

Eurogamer‘s interview with me

Another interview about Replay, this time on the Stray Pixels blog


Kieron Gillen of Rock, Paper, Shotgun: “I can’t think of a reason that you shouldn’t go and order a copy of it immediately…If you enjoy reading about games, there’s absolutely no way that you’re not going to find spending quality time with this rewarding”

The Guardian: “A wonderfully thorough and entertaining history, casting its net wide, but rarely failing to capture the essence of a particular era. A rather impressive achievement.”

Edge: “Striking a near-perfect balance between art and commerce, Replay is the most comprehensive history of videogames so far”

Eugene Jarvis, the creator of Defender and Smash TV: “Comprehensive and wide-ranging – yet engrossing and splendidly entertaining. If you read only one history of video games – Replay is it”

Eurogamer: “…arguably the most entertaining overview of the industry that has yet been written.”

Christian Nutt of Gamasutra: “Very enjoyable and informative”

PC Gamer: “This is the best of all gaming history books. Well researched, it’s littered with relevant quotes and facts. It tells a global history of games on every format and in every country, from Soviet Union communist gaming to the first gaming PCs in the UK and US.”

Chris Baker of Wired: “The most wide-ranging history I’ve read”

GamesTM: “Essential reading”

Retro Gamer: “Treasure of the month”

Bookgasm: “One history lesson worth its weight in quarters”

Viva Lewes: “Beautifully written”